Where Have You Come From And Where Are You Going?


 For Colored Girls- Sexuality, love, relationships, marriage, spirituality, men, money, motherhood, education, career, balance... Women deal with it all, and so will Pastor Vernon in this teaching. Perfect your present, enrich your future, and discover how to effectively overcome the challenges of your past by understanding your history.

The Black List- Did you know that there are blacks in the Bible who made significant contributions to biblical history? How about American History? Global history, even? Be inspired, be impressed, be proud. Pastor Vernon explores black history with a contemporary spin, giving us a lesson about our predecessors, pioneers, and present-day pacesetters that we will never forget.

Training Day: A Message to Men- By some statistics, black men are missing in alarming numbers from church, home, and work. Where are they, why are they absent, and what will it take to help them find and secure their rightful place in the community, city, and society-at-large? Biblical training, sound teaching, clear direction, and an awareness of who they really are and the rich lineage they descend from. Pastor Vernon tackles the issues men face in this follow-up message to his Midnight Rumble teaching on faith, family, and finance.

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