Total Freedom - Single Messages


Total Freedom is the inspirational new series from Dr. R. A. Vernon where he explores what it means to be totally free. Life is a quest for freedom. Many of us have our own idea of what complete freedom looks like—others haven’t a clue. Still others of us view total freedom as the ultimate way to live, but are somewhat jaded because we’re so far in debt, tied to a job we loathe, or in a relationship that suffocates us.

Well, friend, there’s good news. Financial freedom is possible even if you aren’t debt-free, you’re not stuck at that job (even if you feel like you are), and that relationship? If God is in it, there’s hope for it. If He’s not, there is hope for you independent of it, when you marshal the courage to let it go.

See, that’s what total freedom really is: the ability to make whatever choices are necessary to experience the richness of a life rooted in Christ.

Be here, beginning July 11th & 12th and every weekend after that to learn Dr. Vernon’s straightforward principles on how to tap into your Total Freedom.

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