The Shepherds Connection 2012 Senior Pastor & Spouses Training


 Quintessential to their nature, a Shepherd knows how to lead , but often they are not complimented for their ability to follow. The Shepherd has an innate ability to speak to his flock and his flock only with a call only meant for the ear of his sheep. While the Shepherd will graze amongst his flock, and often smell like them he must lead them from one place to another.

Jesus said that as the Good Shepherd, he also "goes before them and the sheep will follow him," (John 10:4) The Shepherds Connection is divinely designed by Dr.R.A. Vernon and Lady Vernon to assist some of the best shepherds across the world find their voice, and to lead their flock from one place to another.

With sound leadership principles based on scholarly biblical teaching; Dr. R. A. Vernon walks with the Shepherds over this two day course on topics such as church growth, ministry expansion, creative ideology, concepts and strategic implementation of marketing strategies, and much more. 

As a Shepherd, it was vital for Dr. Vernon to not only teach his people biblical principles and grow them spiritually; Dr. Vernon also wanted them to holistically become better and therefore asked Bishop Joey Johnson to address Grief Recovery, dealing with unresolved loss. Bishop Johnson has stood with tremendous integrity in Akron as Bishop over "The House of The Lord" is Dr. and Lady Vernon's spiritual covering.


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