Sweet 16 - Single Messages


Sweet 16 is Dr. Vernon’s powerful series on creating your best life yet. Leveraging the zest for life that many of us feel at the start of a new year, he’s giving us the tools, the insight, and most importantly, the biblical principles that will allow us to make 2016 the sweetest year ever.
He’ll starts off by challenging us to set goals to make sure we maximize 2016 so that by the time the year ends, we’ll be smiling with satisfaction at all we’ve accomplished.
He also covers how stewardship—that is, managing our money well—consistent tithing, and giving with gratitude are the keys to unlock our financial freedom.
But it won’t stop there. The teaching in this series will also tackle the importance of keeping God first, and the imbalance we create in our lives when we don’t.
In addition, there’ll even be a message covering purpose, passion, and perseverance—how to uncover or discover your God-given gifts and tap into the one thing you were born to do.
This series is easily one of Dr. Vernon’s most motivational, most compelling yet, and believe me, when you apply this teaching, you’ll feel more inspired than ever to pursue your ambitions. You’ll have the confidence to demolish your goals, chase your dreams, and fulfill your destiny.  This year will be your year.

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