Revival at The Word 2015 - Single Messages


Revival at The Word is a 5-part series intended to motivate, inspire, and compel us to live the life Christ designed and destined us for.
Full of resonant illustrations, each one of these messages speaks to a different aspect of what we need to do to experience the fullness of God’s best for us, especially (but not exclusively) when we’ve become complacent in our walk.
In clear, life-giving language, he outlines the plan and the path of least resistance to revive our hearts and drive with a renewed sense of purpose.
Though this series is highly didactic with plenty of scriptural references, it’s empathic, relational, and restorative. This series is a critical go-to source of inspiration whenever we’re feeling less than our best, are questioning our next move, or need a boost of energy to get going.
* For best results, integrate this teaching into a comprehensive spiritual regimen that includes daily prayer, bible study, and weekly church attendance.

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