Preaching From Prison - Series (CD or DVD)


In this five part series, Pastor Vernon goes on a state-wide prison tour, bringing a message of hope and inspiration to inmates across Ohio and abroad. He ministers to the prisoners right where they are, using their unfavorable, present circumstances as an opportunity to restore faith and instill a sense of spiritual responsibility in them.

While the teachings in this series were taught with those who are locked up in mind, in signature fashion, Pastor Vernon imparts the truth of God’s word in a way that all can relate to-with compassion, power, and conviction a combination that will have all of us searching ourselves for purpose and meaning in our present conditions, no matter what they are.

The uplifting messages in this power-packed series include:

The Blessing Behind Closed Doors
I Can See Clearly Now, Be Encouraged
I’m Better Than This
Locked Up But Not Locked Out

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