I Don't Owe You Nothin' (the race to debt freedom)


 I DON'T OWE YOU NOTHIN' is a radical teaching on the snares of debt, and a culture-transforming argument on why debt is damaging, discouraging, and debilitating. Using Romans 13:8 as a base, Pastor Vernon combines biblical principles with the practical guidelines from Dave Ramsey's book, THE TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER, to challenge pre-conceived notions about "good debt." He presents a polemical message on why we should not have credit cards, car loans, and other forms of borrowed money, pointing to the negative effects the latter have on our lives, our children, our psyche, and our future. He also offers insight on how being debt free allows us to help others, assist the poor, build our communities, and give more than we ever thought we would be able to.

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