Gathering Of The Shepherds 2011


 The 2011 Gathering of the Shepherds Senior Pastor and Spouse Training series is a compilation of messages covering various aspects of 21st Century Kingdom Ministry. As "THE WORD" CHURCH brand continues to expand and mature, Pastor and Lady Vernon continue to share their experiences, revealing what has worked for them and what hasn't. They provide a personal look at our ministry from the inside out, describing both the spiritual and practical foundation that cultivates the success of "THE WORD" CHURCH. They also share information on what enables us to extend services, programs, and resources to those whom we are called to serve.

In this series, Dr. Vernon uses his book, Size Does Matter: Moving Your Ministry from Micro to Mega, as the primary text for his teachings, which spans the gamut of progressive ministry methods from outreach, to creativity, to marketing, to expansion, and more.

While Much of the teaching in this series is related specifically to the ministry and associated growth of "THE WORD" CHURCH, the principles discussed are applicable in virtually any ministry/ church context regardless of the size, and anyone interested in learning about ministry related matters will find this series engaging, enlightening, and educational.

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