Blessed on Purpose - Series



As believers, if we want to experience what it truly means to live the abundant life in Christ, we have to have goals and be dead set on reaching them.

This year, Dr. Vernon is challenging us to be more deliberate in our lives, paying special attention to three areas in particular:
1. Deepening our relationship with God
2. Discovering our life’s purpose and fulfilling it
3. Pursuing financial freedom

It’s no coincidence that there is a direct correlation between planning and the results you get in life. But it’s not just about the planning; it’s also about the doing. (“Whatever you do shall prosper,” Psalms 1:3).

When you plan to attend college and go, there’s no surprise when you get a degree.

When you plan to address your credit and pay your debts, there’s no surprise when you buy your first home.

When you plan to keep yourself sexually pure and remain celibate, there’s no surprise when you are blessed with the love of your life.

This is what being Blessed on Purpose is all about. It’s living with a clear vision for your life, and then reaping the benefits of sticking with the plan because you have discriminatory focus. It’s when you expect to be blessed because you’ve done the work, rather than be surprised because you haven’t done anything.

Let’s be clear. Sure, God sometimes does that; He’s awesome like that. He loves us and shows us favor even when we don’t deserve it.

But what this series is about is the conscious decisions we make to get a certain result. We’re in charge of our lives. The choices that we’re making right now—this year, this week, even this moment—are shaping our future experiences. God has given us free will to decide our destiny. What are youplanning to do with yours?

Here’s an idea: Plan to be Blessed on Purpose as Dr. Vernon teaches you how to have your greatest year yet. There is no better way to start the year than with the spiritual tools you need to accomplish every goal you’ve ever wanted to achieve.

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