The Gathering of the Shepherds 2016



At this year’s conference we’re discussing the planning, the people, and the preaching. We’re talking about saving souls, changing lives, developing people, and discipling leaders—in other words, preparing ourselves to handle the weekend emergencies.

This year preparedness is the priority, and it starts with you, wherever you are in ministry. Whether you’re the pastor, the first spouse, or a ministry volunteer, your role in handling the emergencies we face every weekend is critical.

Single mothers, broken brothers, lost fathers, struggling sisters—every weekend these people come to our churches searching, seeking, and sinking—looking for us to save them from their situations. They come with hope and expectation, wanting answers to their problems and solutions for their circumstances.

And that’s what we’re here for—to handle the emergencies the way Jesus would—with compassion, competence, and care. Are you ready? If not, you will be. Alert your teams and register now.

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