Rated R Series - Series


Relational and real where the ‘R’ specifically stands for relevant, the aptly titled Rated R Series by Dr. R. A. Vernon is an eye-opening teaching on several significant areas of our culture including social media, the millennial mindset, the marginalization of women, and the challenge of being single and saved in a secular society.

With messages like Ladies, Lemonade, and the Lord, These Messed Up Millennials, and Grown and Alone, Dr. Vernon holds nothing back as he explores each one of these topics, offering sage advice and biblical wisdom to those facing difficulties in their respective circumstances.

Rated R is highly engaging, edifying, and even entertaining at times. In addition to the ones listed above, messages include:

* Single, Saved, and Sexual

* A Sermon about Social Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

* The No-Phone Zone

This series is a must-have for every spiritually conscious grown person who wants to be better, stronger, and more empowered to live the life they were created to live in Christ.

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