I'm Feeling Some Kind of Way - Series


Borrowing the popular expression uttered by those who choose to sum up their emotional frustrations in this way, I’m Feeling Some Kind of Way is Dr. Vernon’s teaching on the interior experiences that cause Christians the most discontent. Among these are low self-esteem, depression, anger, and rejection. He discusses how memories can make us melancholy, situations can make us sad, and past decisions can make us depressed.

For each emotion, he uses a biblical character who dealt with the same, linking their stories to our own to illustrate how repressed, unresolved emotional issues can affect our quality of life, vision, and relationships. 

He balances practical instruction with biblical inspiration to show how us how to lift our emotional weights, take control of negative but natural responses, and regain our personal power.

Lastly, he explains how working through our emotions can build character, remind us of our need for God, and ultimately lead us to a delightful, joy-filled reality in Him.


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