In a senior pastors list of life priorities,ministry, money,marriage, and family are right at the top.

To that end, in 2017 GOTS conference covers the unavoidable challenges inevitable changes and fading chances that spiritual leaders have to do meaningful, legacy-worthy work.

In this nine part series, Dr. and Lady Vernon break down the interdependence of ministry,marriage and money, and at the same time give each part of this triad the merit it deserves as an individual pursuit. Each session covers a different aspect of pastoral and personal performance including how to:

-Clarify and achieve your vision
-Attract Millennial's
-Integrate social media and social justice into your ministry
-Understand the difference between his knees and her need gender dynamics and  differences in marriage and ministry
-Maximize your position regardless of the size of your church
-Improve your multi campus multi service or single site Ministry
-Recruit or hire staff and implement systems
-Preach and Pastor in the age of digital media

Whether you've been pastoring for decades or you're just starting out, the teaching in this collection will encourage you, help guide you through challenges and give you the insider track on ways to make the most of your ministry marriage and money.

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