Woman How Much Are You Worth? 2018





5 Part Series

1. Opening Session with Dr. R.A. Vernon & Psalmist Todd Galberth

2. Prayer with Power & Purpose (Lady Jessica Stephenson)

3. Danita Harris

4. Jokes & Jazz with Marcus Wiley and Ms. Sherleen

5. Meet Me in the Middle (Millennial Session)


It’s a wonderful time to be a woman. 


We’re experiencing an incredible movement in history—a moment of reckoning, revolution, and recognition.  


The Me Too and Time’s Up movements are reshaping our culture, invigorating women with a renewed sense of purpose. We are reclaiming our personal power, our voices, and our bodies.  


At Woman, How Much Are You Worth? we embraced this moment and celebrated the movement by bringing women together from all over the country to impart both its importance and implications, and we did it using both biblical and practical principles. 


At this year’s conference, we empowered women to discover and pursue the woman God created you to be. We emboldened them to lean in, level up, and live out loud and we pray that the messages in this series will inspire you to do the same.

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