Help My Pastor's Under Pressure (Discounts and Coupon Codes Do Not Apply)


No other professional faces more of the wear and tear of life than a pastor.

A doctor sees you for physical needs. An attorney sees you for legal needs. A banker sees you for financial needs. But a pastor sees you for all your needs. His life is a constant rollercoaster of emotions. He is everyone’s 911.

But, who’s the pastor’s 911? Who cares for him? Who encourages her? Where does your pastor go to be holistically replenished? Who’s your pastor’s pain partner?

You can be that pressure valve—that gift, in your pastor’s life.

In Help! My Pastor’s Under Pressure! my friend Dr. R.A. Vernon unpacks these questions in a methodical and succinct manner, offering tangible hope and help.

This book will save pastors and their families from unnecessary pain, reenergize churches, and advance the Kingdom of our Lord.

~Sam Chand

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